Monday, April 13, 2009

Leftovers & Mismatches

Have you ever been frustrated with your leftovers and mismatches? I'm talking about those fabrics that were individual impulse buys and not planned to be used for anything in particular. Those fabrics that had to be purchased because they were on sale. Those fabrics I had to have or the walls would cave in. Those fabrics that were purchase solely because there is a 4-inch gap in storage that has to filled - right now. I needed that orange cotton fabric with the huge, flourescent purple Zinnias all over it. Really? Did I really need it? Did I really need it just because it was a high quality brand name? At noon on a bright and sunny day it somehow still manages to glow. So then I have a debate inside my head. Well, I could make a scrap quilt. How about a woven basket. Maybe I could save it in the hopes that someone will request a custom quilt and just be begging me to find some orange fabric with big, purple Zinnias. I could throw it into a quilt kit and hope the other fabrics downplay it somehow. I would never call a fabric "ugly", as all fabric in it's own way has a purpose and can be beautfiul...but, oh my. What's a person to do with that fabric that can't seem to find its place in the world?

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