Monday, May 4, 2009

Shipshewana Quilt Pics

I took these pics throughout Shipshewana area buildings. I took several, but will just show some of my favorites here. The work is nearly impeccable and certainly something to aspire to. The pics do not do the hand stitching justice, but the colors and blocks are really nice.

And a closeup...

They kind of hid this one behind the stair railing, but since I like blues and browns, it still jumped out at me...

This one I thought they did a really good job in color selection as it is so 3D...

Given the angle that they hung this one it was more difficult to crop, but it is still nice!

Beautiful quilts all around - ENJOY! Trina

Circles and more circles!

I love the fabrics and have spent the time hand piecing. I only had enough of the block fabric for 42 x 42 and wanted this to be larger, at least a solid 70 x 80, which means adding at least 14” to each side and 19” to the top and bottom. I’m leaning towards a lush dark brown border to really make the pinks and blues pop and to tie in the brown that’s in the blocks to assist the cohesive factor. But I’m tossed up between that and a great white minky polka dot embossed fabric I found in bulk.

This will be ditch quilted with some probably more geometric stitching along whichever border I end up going with....Trina