Monday, April 13, 2009

Fall Leaves Quilt

Finally finished a 12-month project!

I was looking for something in my studio and came across a quilt that I had started too-near a year ago. I finally put the final stitch in the binding tonight. Whew! I loved this quilt from the moment I started it, but lost my way along the path to completion. I frequently struggle with looking at the same project for days on end so always have several things going. I was thrilled when I came back across this quilt and fell in love with it all over again. I wanted to do something special with the stitching in this project. I didn't want to do a meandering stitch. I didn't want to do a continuous repeating pattern.

So instead, I went against my norm and stitched leaves all over the lighter blocks. Had I realized how many leaves that was going to be, I might have taken the easy road and made a template. But, nooooo, I had to make it more difficult by freehanding every leaf. What was I thinking? It turned out great, having variances in each leaf, but, boy, it was time consuming!

I'm going to miss it when it finds a new home, but it was certainly fun in the meantime!

And here's our newest addition helping me out as much as she can from the other room as she's not allowed in my studio, but she'll wait for me in the chair right outside my door so I have to take frequent breaks to appreciate her...

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