Monday, April 13, 2009

Faux Chenille

I love this "faux chenille" technique! It's time consuming, certainly, but the right fabrics separate and fluff so nicely and it's fun to see how much better it looks after every washing. It's almost like the cheaper the fabric the better it plays. Sewing all of the lines and then cutting in between each line certainly takes a chunk of time, but it's more tedious than it is difficult. But I'm proud of my first attempt at a new technique! And while the edges fray, it gives the cat something to play with...she likes to help when she can.

This particular quilt does use batting, but one of my next projects will be using the same technique except using 4-6 layers of fabric in place of the batting. I've seen it done and it looks great. It can be very heavy with that much fabric layered in, which isn't needed often in Florida, but someone will love it up north! Trina

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