Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll be here

There was another wonderful community I had been involved in over at Though, if memory serves, there have been regular issues with their site or server, depending upon whom you choose to believe. In 2008 some time they had a server crash that lost everyone's information, blogs, etc. Everything. Everyone had to start from scratch. What a pain! So much for everything on the 'net being permanent. To have had over 100 posts on a blog and several hundred comments to and from friends on the blog just disappear with no warning was tough. But several of us persevered and came back.

It just happened again. All those posts and files and pictures. Gone. Poof! Luckily, I had been copying some of my posts over into blogspot for just a couple of months so I haven't lost everything, but still lost 30 or so posts and corresponding pictures and comments and links. And the contests! Oh, the contests...all gone. Who knows who will sign back up once this little crash is fixed. Do we really want to set up again and try to rebuild? From zero? Oh, my. Not a small undertaking by any stretch. I don't know who the site is built through (who controls the server), but it sure sounds like it's just in some guy's basement. Who sets up a community blog site hoping to attract lots of people, but doesn't have the capacity to support? Ridiculous, if I'm being honest.

Anyway, lots more to come with patterns, ideas, examples, and maybe even some free quilting stuff, too!

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